Spiritual and Self Development

Total health means physical health, mental health and spiritual health put together. A program which helps an individual to attain self-health, confidence and personality development by assimilating yogic ancient science and Vedanta. It is conducted with many steps divided as “levels”. This program teaches a daily practice for 40 minutes with yogic techniques which will teach how to maintain a healthy life.

The program enlightens the essence of Vedanta (Brahma Vidya) and yoga sutras of Patanjali to attain inner happiness and self-realization to set a goal to live a life for the sake of better and peaceful brotherhood world. Swamiji directly teaches them during his camps or lectures.

  • Vedantic teachings from bhagawat Gita, Upanishads etc are taught at the Ashram and at various places.
  • Yoga and health camps are conducted in the ashram and also at outstations.
  • Summer children camps are conducted to give practical knowledge on yoga, health, values, national patriotism, etc.

Meditation is the vital practice of one’s spiritual growth. Meditating on ‘Who am I?’ with guidance and grace of a living Guru will be the key for self-realization. A living Guru teaches the possible obstructions due to ones Vasanas (previous birth seeds) and remedies to overcome them on the path towards moksha.

Swami Paramananda