Our Guru

Guru is an essential need in one’s spiritual journey. It is only by God’s grace that one comes across a physical Guru with whom the journey is made very simple and  self-realisation becomes decisive and definite.  One who has a guru is the most fortunate seeker in this world.

Shri Ramana Maharishi says, “The guru does not bring about Self-realization.

He simply removes the obstacles to it”.



Poojya Swamiji Dayananda Saraswathi (Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore, Rishikesh and Sailorsburg-USA) is Guru of Swami Sahajananda and also to the founders of this ashram and is also the founder of Aim for Seva (more than 110 free students’ homes are built in India to serve the poorest section of the children).

Poojya Shri Swami Sahajananda

Swami Sahajanandaji who initiated the founders of this ashram into the spiritual life, was given sanyas by Swami Chinmayanandaji in Siddabari and learned Vedanta from Poojya Swami Dayanandaji and Swami Chinmayanandaji in Swami Chinmayanandaji ashram in Mumbai.

He is now in the subtle form (attained Purna samadhi

in1993, August 5) is an ever loving Guru who has envisaged this Sat Dharma Ashram. His continues HIS blessings and divine grace from the other world and provides  guidance to all ashram activities. His life was simply a demonstration of love and compassion to the needy. He was a living example of totality and spirituality. He was imbibed by the Teachings of Ramana Maharishi and revelled in Him spiritually and transpired his experiences into his disciple Swami Paramananda.