Founders of Sat Dharma Ashram


Swami Paramananda is the Founder of the ashram and is guiding and conducting all activities and teachings. His Guru is Poojya Shri Swami Sahajananda. Devoting to Guru and surrender to the lord are the two wings of spiritual living. Swami Paramananda has his Ph.D.from IIT Delhi in mechanical engineering.

Ma Sashwatha Priya, who is another founder, was an Assistant Professor in a college. They are serving and sharing their self-knowledge to the people by the grace of Gurus and the Lord and transformed a thorny piece of land into a beautiful ashram.

Poojya Swamiji Dayananda Saraswathi (Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Coimbatore, Rishikesh and Sailorsburg-USA) is Guru of Swami Sahajananda and also to the founders of this ashram.