Background of the Organization

Sat Dharma Trust , since, 1991, has done a great deal of services in  Kolli hills, Thiruvannamalai , Tamilnadu  and in other parts of the world whenever and wherever it is possible to do.


Kolli Hills is a tribal area where the reach of the government has been almost missing since Independence. Hence, the communities have been heavily backward. To remedy this, Sat Dharma Trust was started in 1991 with a focus on strengthening the communities by various charitable activities in the fields of education, health, alleviating poverty and yoga cum sports. Vedamantras, Patanjali yoga, Indian Culture and awareness health camps etching etc are taught.

We have also established these programs successfully in Italy and conducted two times in England.

We have conducted health camps for thirty years (i.e. even prior to the formation of organization) with an emphasis on fasting and dieting. Many were healed and all inspired to lead healthy lives, with the goal of spiritual realization. We have proved Auto rejuvenation of cells in our camps. Indeed, it is validating to see the 2016 noble prize being given to a Japanese scientist for the benefits of fasting.

In 2005, we began earnestly focusing on child-education in Namakkal. About 1500 boys and girls were selected from the communities and provided basic education for mostly of Kolli hills tribals.

In addition, we run two free hostels where children from dysfunctional families are provided full livelihood. One is in Kolli hills for girls and another is for boys at the foot of Hills namely in Valavanthikombai. Starting from a few, now we have over hundred in the boy’s hostel. Results have been truly gratifying: (1) We have eradicated school drop-out problem in Kolli Hills. (2) All boys from the hostel continue their higher studies in professional colleges. (in 2017 Eighteen students are in POLYTECHnics and one boy is Salem Govt.College of Engineering doing B.E. in Computer Science) (3) All graduates have joined mainstream as productive and cultured citizens of the country.

Another important activity we have engaged in is preserving cultural diversity. Tribal traditions are unique and need to be preserved. During every Deepawali, we conduct celebrations, distribute new dresses to children, women and workers, and provide for cultural materials like oil for about 6 villages.

Being a community building organization, many needs arise which provide us opportunity to serve: helping the poor and old-aged during winter by warm-cloth distribution, feeding the poor, providing scholarships for deserving children, and providing medical help to poor.

A signature event is our annual day-long sports day. The residents of all the Kolli Hills villages participate along with our children in this truly festive community event. The grand finale is the prize distribution.