Cuddalore flood relief work in 2015 and 2016

Cuddalore Flood relief work in 2015-2016

Cuddalore Disaster Relief – December 2015 to July 2016 The relief work planned and executed in Cuddaloreduring the devastating December 2016 floods is the largest and most challenging done by us to date.During the worst initial days when lives were in danger and movement and commerce were virtually impossible, we prepared and served four to six thousand meals daily for a week.Subsequently, the worst affected areas were surveyed, andabout 1300 huts were given leak-proof plastic roofing sheets.  Disaster relief planning, material acquisition, local logistics, and fund-raising were all done in quick order.  A majority of help  was received from the USA.


The first phase started with emergency supply of up to 6,000 meals per day for 10 days.  Most huts became uninhabitable (cracked or crashed walls, leaking roofs, water on floors).  A complete assessment of the villages of Nellikuppam was made.  The demand was very high – almost every family wanted materials.  We had to make painful choices.  With leads from businessmen in Houston, we were able to acquire plastic sheets at one half of the quotations locally received.  This unit cost reduction combined with encouraging donations from the US enabled us to increase reinforcement count from 200 to 600 huts – covering 10 villages of Nellikuppam.


Phased two was planned for March, but pushed to April as relief work was banned prior to assembly elections.  By then, the city had somewhat emerged out of the disaster.  Work was swift.  Another 700 huts (for a total of 1,300) were provided for.  Special services including counseling, Single room for one widow, school fees for selected children, repairing one poor person’s house, and food were provided. ___  Information about each and every recipient was documented, including their picture.

All in all, we are happy to say that we covered about 60% of Cuddalore hutment dwellings, and have gained immense experience in conducting a large emergency relief operation in short notice.

Cuddalore relief work– phase-1 in Dec 2015

Cuddalore relief work , phase-2 in 2016

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