Ashram’s Charitable Activities

Sat Dharma Trust carries out various charitable activities for the poor, Tribal men, women, children and senior citizens to alleviate their sufferings in Kolli hills and wherever possible under various categories like

  • Social development
  • Health
  • Education
  • Sports

Trust does activities for the purposes of uplifting and development of people  and to help to promote a loving, peaceful, harmonious, prosperous and cultural life in and around the  humanity.

School dropout children, both boys and girls, are located in Kollihills and given education so that they join the main stream of schooling.

1. Educational Activities for Students (boys and girls)

  • Karate training are given every week. Physical training are given daily.
  • A special music teacher is appointed and music training is given.
  • The children know Tamil songs, Bharathiar songs, Patriotic songs and devotional songs.
  • Yogasanas are taught to them.
  • Computer training: knowing the different parts of computer, operating the computer, typing the letters etc is being taught.

2. Vocational Training for Girl Students

  • They make different types of dolls, flower vashes, door hangings, malas, letter pouches, wall hangings etc.
  • They are taught different types of stitching – embroidery, etc
  • Paintings- (Glass painting, pot painting) and Tailoring are taught.
  • They stitch different kinds of bags, and they are trained to make candles
  1. Nutritious food (annadhanam) is offered to children and all others very often.
    Annadhanam - Kolli Hills
    Annadhanam – Kolli Hills
  1. Children are given educational help like providing books, dresses, warm cloths etc.
Warm Clothes Distribution
Warm Clothes Distribution
  1. Free evening Tuitions
  2. Trust conducts free evening tuitions with seven teachers for all boys students upto 10th standard.
  3. Scholarships are given to poor students
  4. Special Care for future studies:
  5. Trust takes special care of children to go into higher studies in colleges and polytechnics. Trust bears all their expenses.
  6. Dresses to Tribal people are distributed widely at least twice a year during festivals like Deepawali.
  7. Old aged people are given daily food.
  8. Tribal marriages are helped by contributing gold or money.
  9. Medical camps are conducted and individuals are helped medically.
  10. Awareness workshops, programs etc are conducted to tribals about health, agriculture, afforestation, utilization of government help, advanced studies etc. Printing pamphlets or books on these subjects and distributing them to tribal and others.
  11. On August 3rd of every year, Kolli hills has large crowds of people to attend an annual festival. Hence shortage of food and water will be there. Trust tries to give food and good water throughout that day for thousands of people. Trust is doing its best to do the same service wherever possible if there is such overcrowding or if such emergency demand occurs.
    Prize Distribution
    Prize Distribution
  12. Trust conducts many sports activities. In Kollihills, trust
    sponsors volley ball and Kabadi tournaments conducted by village people. Now and then these tournaments are conducted in many villages.
  13. During Pongal festival in January of every year The Trust conducts many village games to small children, women and men, to young boys and girls and distributes hundreds of prizes to them. Many villages participate in it.
Sports for Boys on Pongal Day
Sports for Boys on Pongal Day
  1. During the Republic day January 26th every year trust conducts special sports day to all boys and girls of free hostels. A champion athlete championship is awarded to a boy as well as to a girl student.
    KGBV Tribal Girls Hostel
    KGBV Tribal Girls Hostel